200 global advertising channels neatly organized. This is Ultimap.ly.

There are other players in the online advertising game than Facebook and Google alone. 200 others.
Ultimap.ly is the ultimate list of (nearly) all global advertising networks out there, neatly mapped out. 

The Ultimate Marketing Platform


With 200 channels, Ultimap.ly is the ultimate marketing tool for paid advertising, a new essential for Growth Hackers, marketeers, and entrepreneurs.  

We started this project to think beyond Google & Facebook, and bring new, interesting, untapped channels to the table. Ultimap.ly gives you insights into the audience, purpose and metrics of all of these platforms. 

200 More

Did you know? Pornhub (the world's leading adult content platform, in case you didn't know 😉) has 3 billion active monthly users spending just under 10 minutes per visit 👀.

Thorough library of 200 paid traffic channels

Geographic insights

See where each platform is used most in order to target your ideal customer with ease.

Detailed user metrics

Learn about estimated monthly users, time on site, pages per visit, and the bounce rate of every paid traffic channel.

The ultimate list of all paid traffic channels, neatly mapped out.


Gain insights on (nearly) every paid traffic platform worldwide. Find your ideal medium to advertise on.

Ultimap.ly gives you insights in the audience, purpose and metrics of all different channels.

Get instant, life long access to the Ultimap.ly platform and its detailed library of 200 advertising channels.

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Your questions answered


Is Ultimap.ly for me?

Whether you are an entrepreneur, marketeer or growth hacker, if you want to up your paid advertising game and outperform the competition this is the document for you. 

Why is it only €200,- ?

One euro per channel. Each channel giving you the chance to reach millions of people. We wanted the product to be in this accessible price range, why? This project was born from the shared knowledge of fellow marketeers, to make the public aware that there are hundreds of high potential (even cheaper) channels out there, other than advertising-saturated giants like Facebook and Google.

Who’s behind the product?

A group of 15 growth hackers worked on this document, their different sets of skills and knowledge contributed to make this document a library of the most diverse channels.

Why would I pay for this sheet while I can think of channels myself?

We spent months doing research on World’s best paid advertising channels, collecting the biggest social media, online communities and other untapped channels to organize them for you in one overview. We double checked the reliability and reached out to those platforms in order to get insights into the type of ads offered and more. All the data and information is updated to september 22nd, 2020.