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The product will match your audience with that of potential traffic channels! gives you the possibility to get free access for a lifetime on the final product. All you need to do is invite your friends. 

Our Google Excel list was open for contribution and was viewed by over 300.000 people on LinkedIn. Leading to a list of over 200 advertising websites and platforms.

Google Spreadsheet

In the upcoming months the list will be expanded to over 500 advertising possibilities, which are either scraped or contributed by fellow Growth Hackers and Marketeers. 

500+ Websites Listed

In 2019 we will launch the actual tool, which will deliver you the most suitable ads for your organisation.
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Actual Tool Roadmap is the ultimate marketing platform for paid advertising, with 200+ channels that are relevant for performance marketeers.

We started to look further than Google & Facebook ads in order to bring other interesting insights for Growth Hackers & Performance Marketeers. gives you insights in the audience, purpose and metrics of all of these channels. In the final product we'll match your audience with that of known traffic channels within our database.


Andrew Webber, Chief Marketing Officer

“I did know about Pornhub (not as a user, of course) but in a chat with a fellow CMO about dwell times. I'd love to see the final report”

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